Dr. Toma Susi

Welcome! If you landed here via the video abstract for our recent research article in Physical Review Letters, you are likely looking this blog post.

Born and raised in Helsinki, Finland, I received my doctorate in nanomaterials from the Aalto University School of Science in June 2011. I am currently an FWF Lise Meitner fellow at the Tailored Hybrid Structures group at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Vienna in Austria.

Please see the navigation menu in the top right for my blog, my research articles, other media items, and mixtapes. The (woefully rarely updated) blog is mostly about physics and my personal viewpoint on doing science, but also occasionally featuring other interests such as open access, consciousness research, artificial intelligence, and electronic music.

The name, Mostly physics, has a dual meaning: not only does it (somewhat) describe the content, it’s a bit of a self-ironic jab at the stereotypical physicist mentality I admit to have suffered from in the past.

xkcd nails it, as usual:



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The personal webpage of Dr. Toma Susi, with a blog about physics… mostly.