Is there any particle physics beyond the standard model?

Image credit: Geoff Brumfiel (Nature).

The answer seems to be: NO.

Starts with a Bang reports on the upcoming LHCb publication on the muon–anti-muon decay channel of a B meson consisting of a strange quark and a bottom antiquark. The observed decay rate matches exactly the Standard Model prediction, casting very serious doubts on the existence of supersymmetric particles below 1 TeV. This in practice constrains supersymmetry out of the physically relevant energy ranges, and string theory along with it.

See also Peter Woit’s pithy take on the results, and Ars Technica’s ever-lucid reporting, and the story in Scientific American via Nature News. Matt Strassler offers meta-commentary that is worth a read as well.

Edit: additional reporting from Nature News, and a round-up of SUSY proponents’ recent talks from Peter Woit.


One thought on “Is there any particle physics beyond the standard model?”

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